Hukuman terberat atas suatu dosa, kata Ibnul Jauzi, adalah PERASAAN TIDAK BERDOSA…

Copied from Syafweni Putri’s Notes

Yang paling aku takutkan ialah keakraban hati
Dengan kemungkaran dan dosa
Jika suatu kedurhakaan berulangkali dikerjakan
Maka jiwa menjadi akrab dengannya
Hingga ia tak lagi peka, mati rasa…

Hukuman terberat atas suatu dosa, kata Ibnul Jauzi, adalah perasaan tidak berdosa…

Mengotori hati dengan dosa, sama artinya dengan meredupkan cahayanya dan memadamkan nyalanya
Bermaksiat adalah kerja untuk mengeruhkan kejernihan hati dan dan menumpulkan ketajamannya

“sesungguhnya dosa dosa itu”, kata rasulullah shallallaahu ‘alaihi wassalam, “apabila terus menerus menimpa hati, maka ia akan menutupinya. Dan bila hati telah tertutup, akan datang kunci dan cap dari AllahSubhaanahu wa ta’aalaa. Bila sudah demikian, tak ada lagi baginya jalan: tidak ada jalan keimanan untuk masuk kedalamnya, tidak juga jalan kekafiran untuk keluar darinya.”

teruntuk para sahabat,,,
semoga setiap aktifitas yg kita lakukan selalu mendekatkan kita pada keta’atan padaNya
terhindar dari segala maksiat yg bisa mematikan kepekaan hati

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.:: ENGLISH; Part Of My Soul ::.

Before I tell you about my motivation and expectation to join with PEC, I would like to tell my first history about English. Here it is.

Since I were in Elementary School, I have studied English but it was just so so. Nothing special that I felt. In Junior High School, I started to like English but unfortunately English was fairly difficult. It happened maybe because I was not too enjoy learning English. Finally, my English score at National Exam just got 6.97. After I graduated from Junior High School, I continued my study at SMA N 01 Tambun Selatan; one of famous school in Bekasi. I was accepted at that school because my final score for generally was great except English. In that Senior High School, after the students were accepted, there was selection to be students of International Class. For instance, automatically I was not include to them. The result I just got Regular Class. Eventhough, I really want to be students of International Class (truly-madly-deeply :(

Based to that story, I was motivated to improve my English skill. Then, I joined English Course at IEC (Intensive English Course) for a year. During I took course, it was totally attractive and interesting. There were native speaker as guest teacher, games, extracurricular which was also very impressing. Started at that time, my English was being improve. In fact, my English score always getting higher than before.

Then, I continued my study firstly at Padang State University (UNP) majoring in Accounting (it is not related with now, right??). There, I was elected as the leader of EEC ( Economic English Course). New experience that I had at that time. After that, when UNP hold selection for NUEDC, I was one of delegate for my faculty (red. Economic).

In 2008, I moved to Andalas University focus in Pharmacy. Firstly, I didn’t meet partner to practice my English. It was because no fasilitator in Pharmacy Faculty to keep practice. One day, I went to the cyber café Mandiri and met Bambang; my senior in Pharmacy. He spoke English, I really surprised. Then, we had English conversation for a moment at that time. Several months later I met Yori, Ayi, etc and we had same perception about English. For instance, after long process we decided to make English Club, finally named Pharmacy English Club. I felt very happy. It felt like I met my part of soul. Yeah, why not?? For me, English had ingrained to my soul. I did many things after being crew of PEC. Happily, at first month, PEC had got achievements, such as being 2nd rank at English Debate Competition in Engineering Faculty, one of member was being The Most Attractive Debater at English Debating Training from Language Center and many more.

The question now: what is my motivation and expectation to join PEC?The answer: Based to above story, English is my soulmate. And I don’t want my soulmate is getting away from me and even disappear. So that is why I join PEC. I luph u full, PEC….. That’s all friends…..

ARRAHMAN 0811012042

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